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  1. Hi, I've been in the market for a new CPU cooler, and always was attracted to Cooler Master's Hyper series, when I heard there was a new 212X on the market, I KNEW it was THE ONE. So first thing I do is lookup a few reviews, you know, the usual, Tomshardware, overclockers, the likes, then after I am SATISFIED, and man, CM did you screw up, that it was the PERFECT COOLER for me, I JUMPED on the market, like I was SO excited. First website to check: Newegg... Wtf? There's nothing there. Second website: Amazon Found it! BUT WAIT WHAT THE :) IS THIS?? $61.99 for a revamped 212 EVO FROM A SKETCHY NORTH-KOREAN SOURCE??!! :) nahhh. Next: Tiger Direct Nothing? How?!? After: Microcenter None?! Second to last resort: PCPARTPICKER, NOTHING ANYWHERE LAST RESORT: GOOGLE?! YES BUT WAIT, WHAT'S THIS -- Price: RS2970 WHAT THE :)? ANYONE tell me where I can find a Hyper 212X for a NORMAL price and TELL ME WHAT THE :) COOLER MASTER DID!!! Sorry, I'm just REALLY mad that CM cut production or something and that I can't find it anywhere from a reputable source for a reasonable price. I REALLY need a good CPU cooler and i KNOW the 212X is the one I am NOT settling for ANY OTHER air cooler. P.S. I am in the United States