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  1. So I had an idea, and after a short couple of google searches can't seem to find much on it. You guys should totally make an ITX capable of Vesa mounting, and supporting a dual slot GPU(preferably 2.5) It would most likely need to use an SFX PSU, and lack a 5.25 slot, if a 3.5" slot can be supported that'd be great, and as for the material alluminum would probably be the material of choice, though it would require some engineering for strength while keeping the weight down so it can be vesa mounted. And if really possible keeps a vesa mount on the side panel so the monitor can still be mounted on an arm would be a great addition as well. The case would also be a good candidate for wall mounting. an better idea of what I'm talking about
  2. Would it be possible to get a HAF XB for the stacker series of cases? Possibly with enough space on top to mount 2 915s? It would be useful to store drives/water cooling in a space that doesn't take up as much vertical head room as something like a 935. Or just make a HAF XB update in general. Thanks.
  3. Why don't ya just get MX blues, or Razer greens that click when you activate them.
  4. Ya could you guys like come out with a dedicated NAS solution for the itx portion of the stacker series? I was thinking something like 8 hot swap bays, maybe a nice solid well reviewed quiet included PSU with the bays prerouted to it out of the way for decent cable management, maybe some sata plugs towards the motherboard, nicely labeled as to which bay they corrispond to, maybe little 2.5 slot for an SSD to run the OS on. I don't think you'd need a 5.25 in here, nor even an IO set up really. Because like I'm sure there's already some people using the smaller parts for a NAS set up, this would be a decent upgrade for them. Thanks. And send me one to review if you make it, and maybe a small kick back per unit sold.