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  1. I have my replacement keyboard just a few weeks and again discovered today the first dead LED. @CM: is there now a version available that works for more than some weeks without LEDs dying? Maybe even has the potential to work for years? Of course I can and will do a RMA at my seller but with the next keyboard failing I will ask for a full refund because the advertised functionality - and reason for buying this particular keyboard - is not working. And it costs be also time and nerves to exchange it. Btw there are LEDs that work for years in keyboards. My laptop PC and MacBook Pro have backlit keyboards and are working absolutely fine since years. So it is not the LED technology itself which is failing here.
  2. I am running the keyboard on a Mac. In theory without problems as there is nothing special you need to do. Just one question the MacOS will ask you when you first plug it in regarding the key position. However, just today I found my ALT key without the LED working Just removed the cap and the LED is dead for this key. So I am really not sure whether the kb receives a recommendation. I need to bring it back to the shop tomorrow and then see how well this is being treated there. Btw, the keyboard is 4 weeks old...