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  1. Hi Mohd, It's embarrassing and shameful. Let's start from the beginning. Only now reading your post I realized that the post title is wrong and all the time I was telling the wrong model of the tower. The correct is Elite 431 Plus. I'm sorry, my apologies, I do not really know what to say. Please do not bother, it's all right, running, I will feel even more ashamed. Best regards, Walter Déda..
  2. Hi, Mohd! At the risk of Murphy's Law, I removed the radiator and the fan, to try again. You're right, the radiator fits, but screw holes are misaligned, with the tower. The fan is 120mm but the radiator is larger than the fan, there is the connection pipes at one end and at the other end, I guess, where the liquid will change hive. Looking at the picture you posted, I see some differences. For example, the power suplly has the fan facing up, which means that there isn't, in the bottom of the tower, air intake, as in the model I have, Elite 411 Plus. My Seindon 120v is square and the tubes are not transparent, but it doesn't matter, I'm just confirming what I said before. It's alright for me, I'm having return on investment. One last thing, a week before posting here, I made contact with the representative of CM in Brazil, on the site you can make contact with them. Keep waiting until today at least one Hi! ou Olá!, in portuguese. Like a fool, I check spam folder on my email account, but... Best regards, Walter Déda.
  3. Hi Mohd! The model is Seidon 120v, but beyond that space is smaller than the radiator there is also a rivet which prevents insertion. I thought of cutting it, but there would not be an original product. Is working well, even outside of what would be the ideal standard. In standby the temperature is on average 7 degrees lower: Air Cooler: 40 / 42C - Seidon120v: 32 / 33C - it is clear that external temperature influences, the figures are a room without air conditioning with temperature 31C environment. I use an Intel i5-4460 processor. Before installing Seidon 20v I did a little test: conversion of a video, change resolution, and the temperature reached 62C. Already Installed Seidon and in the same environment and external temperature did not exceed 42C. Very, very good. As for the fans, I thought like you, but there is an additional difficulty: I live in Brazil, an emerging country, and some things are not worth, thinking of the cost / benefit ratio. I wrote the post just in "Suggestions" because I do not understand how products developed by the same manufacturer do not relate perfectly. Once again, thank you for your attention, you will hear from me. Best regards, Walter Déda.
  4. I've got the Elite 431+ case and Seidon 120 and some things do not make sense to me. The Seidon radiator does not fit in the space for the fan, so instead of air is drawn in by the fan through the radiator it is blown, an increase of noise and loss of efficiency. Installing Seidon blocked one of the fans on top of the case. For me it is important to cool the case, I have four hard drives inside. The power supply prevents the placement of the lower fan. In short: the case offers three options for installing fans but I can only use ONE (?!). Nevertheless, I would like to congratulate you for the excellent product quality, want to buy other. Thanks in advance. BTW: English is not my native language, of course.