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  1. Sorry but it's nothing to do with the header, it's a dead unit RMA was already accepted and expecting it to ship out Monday -- This thread can be closed
  2. I did, tried both Sysfan ports, as well as the CPU port on the mobo -- all of which work fine, the mobo is only 5 months old as well . Even went as far as removing the whole unit, cleaning the radiator and both fans(I'm using Push-Pull 120MM's), and cleaning and applying new heatsink gel : / same issue. Pump seems to be completely toast, even though the light comes on
  3. Just submitted my response to the survey, loved the Seidon 120V, however hate that it's water-pump went bad after 5 months : /. Have heard other reports of the same issue sadly, so now I'm a little worried the RMA might die after a bit too, but I'll give it a shot before trying the Corsair H100i I have sitting here new in box as a back-up.
  4. Hey guys! So I bought my 120V around 5 months ago(loved it until it died, kept my FX-6300 ~23-39C under full load at 4.2Ghz) and have started the RMA process tonight as it suddenly stopped pumping period(and I'm without a PC!!!). Light comes on, but it makes 0 noise, and bios fan speed for CPU fan shows 0 RPM. I guess the question is, since it's under warranty, is the shipping express? For example, is the RMA process done with 2-day shipping, or anything of that sort? I really need my FX-6300 back up, and can't stand being without my PC(Gave my old air-cooling to a friend when I went liquid... So right now I'm sitting on a 6300 that jumps to 85C over 45 seconds and shuts off). If it's not express shipping, would I be able to pay for that option? Thanks!