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  1. Tim

    CM Storm Reaper

    Can you try PCI controller usb? I don't have it and didn't try maybe it help's Oh sorry your motherboard have no PCI slots =( or am I wrong?
  2. Tim

    CM Storm Reaper

    In my case easier way to change motherboard because it's cheaper than mouse =) maybe try use PCI controller with usb
  3. Tim

    CM Storm Reaper

    So Asus told me they don't see this problem before=)) they advised change parameters in BIOS menu Lеgacy USB Support, Intel xHCI Mode and EHCI Hand-off and connect to support CM =) We stuck in place, Asus can not help us and CM too =)
  4. Tim

    CM Storm Reaper

    Have same problem. Motherboard Asus H81M-E Trying enable/disable legacy USB support - nothing Trying put in ps/2 port PC freezing with black screen after bios logo Trying connect to another PC work great Think it Asus motherboard problem I write to Asus support and wait answer for that question. If you solved this problem please write here. Thanks