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  1. Hello everybody. I'm new here, this is my first topic. I just started a couple of weeks ago to build piece by piece a brand new gaming pc. Got the case (NZXT H440), CPU (i5 4690k), Motherboard (Asus maximus VII ranger) and the CM V8 GTS. Yesterday my PSU arrived (EVGA SN750W G2) and i decided to give it a shot to see if everything works. And it does... But the V8 GTS is pretty loud and i wasn' expecting that. Now i got some questions : - Will it always be like that on idle or it will get better when i install the Windows?? - Does the fans run by default on max rotation?? - If it does can i lower it in bios when i get the monitor? I have it connected to the motherboard not a fan controller or something. Sorry for my english is not very good and thnx in advance. Hope we can figure this out.