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  1. My case is a silencio550, front and rear fan are silent. CPU and GPU fan running very low, the PSU makes a really subtancial noise, i dont have any microphone to show it properly but for sure it should be more silent (it's like powerfull air flow with additional vibrations) The noise is starting from the boot, and doesn't seem to adapt speed on electrical power load (can't be sure about that) Getting the fan spec could help me to decide if i change the fan or not !
  2. Hi, I'm a bit desapointed by my new power supply G600W. The fan (supposed to be quiet) is really noisy compared to the rest of my configuration. That's why i was thinking about changing it. Does anyone have the exact specifications (rpm, CFM, voltage range...) of the fan mounted in the PSU to be able to find one with the closest spec. Found anything on the internet, except that it's a 120mm fan and most likely, it's a 2 pin fan with voltage control Thanks !