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  1. There's one last thing you can try - Bypass the mobo connectors and use a converter cable to a molex and run it direct from the PSU. It is runs fine from that then you know its something to do with your mobo.
  2. Hi Ian. Sounds like there is an issue with the Cooler/pump. If its under warranty still which it should be as the nepton 240m is quite new you should log a call with cooler master - If you have to return it just install the OEM cooler that came with your CPU.
  3. Hi I have recently built a new system from a AMD 1055T with a Corsair H50 (Push/pull fan config) My system is a NZXT source 530 case MSI 970 Gaming mobo AMD 8350FX Corsair 4 x 2GB DDR3 XFX 7870 Cooler master GX750 PSU I currently have the Cooler master rad mounted at the front of the case with the fans blowing in through the rad (push). I would like to know what fans I can put on the other side of the rad as a pull config ? You don't seem to be able to purchase the stock fans that come with the rad as a separate item. Any ideas any one ?
  4. Hi. Did you sort your problem. I have recently installed a Nepton 240M after running with a Corsair H50 for 5 years. Both I had my pump running from the CPU fan connector and the Fans from a normal pwm connector. Advice I have heard is to run both from the power supply so you get full speed. but I have always ran from the motherboard. My pump is running at about 2800rpm and my fans at 1400rpm (fans only at 50 percent).