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  1. Tryd that to no avail already.
  2. Yes that works..
  3. Asus will redirect you here they send me this: "As this is an isolated problem I can only suggest you contact Cooler Master about this."
  4. Tryd it, doesn't work either....
  5. Yes I am, bios number: (2002), and v1.3.6 on the cm storm mouse.
  6. Dear community I have an Asus z97 Pro gamer motherboard and when I have my cm storm mice connected it freezes on post screen. When I have my mice disconnected and connect it once the operating system loads it works and doesn't freeze. I tryd other mice and they all work with it. Sadly Asus told me that since it's an isolated problem I need to be here to ask for help / possible firmware update. So I thought lets create a topic for people who also experience the same issue with this setup.