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  1. If the HAF XP EVO was one 5&1/4 drive bay taller and the right side had 3x5&1/4 drive bays. Making 6x5&1/4 drive bays in front. I'm not sure if it might need to be longer back to front for that but wow that would allow a lot more modifications to the case. Think of all the 3 high by 5&1/4 items on the market. Think of how much more disk room that would provide.
  2. I recently acquired a Cooler Master HAF XP EVO from Newegg. I love the room and I like the hot-swap capability. I was having an issue with the drives in my hot-swap bays getting hotter then I like them running. They where running at 37 and 40 degrees Celsius. In my old case(some Silverstone media case) they where running closer to 35 degrees Celsius. I had 2 80 mm fans on my old case that I moved to the HAF XP EVO. I had them both exhausting in the back. After seeing the drives running hotter I decided to move one of those 80 mm fans from the back and attach it to the side of the hot-swap drive bay. I just put a piece of double sided tape to the side of the drive cage and stuck the fan onto it. The fan had some area that didn't move on the side I needed it on. I was able to drop the temperature of the drives by 4 to 5 degrees Celsius. I will look into a better mounting option but 4 to 5 degrees is phenomenal.
  3. What? Ok maybe stick to sub par $50 dollar cases is ok for you but comparably this case is inexpensive. I see them for $140 ish(shipped) an that is how much I spent on my last case which I should have only spent $50 on in retrospect. I only wish for a stack-able drive bay module for the HAF XB EVO other than that this case looks perfect to me. Originally this case looked too big and bulky for me. In retrospect even it is a bit small as I would want more drives. I love the 2 hot-swaps and place to put two more 3.5 inch drives. This will be enough for me for now but I would like a bit more expand-ability and I like the room above the mother board. It will fit nicely in my media closet.
  4. I saw the Cooler Master HAF XB EVO and I want it as my next case. It will work almost perfect for me except it limitation for upgrades in the number of drives. I thought it would be really cool if it had a place to pop out the bottom and a stack-able hot-swap module. I could imagine a raid card with a bunch more drives down in the stacked disks. They could put a power supply in the stack with enough room for eight disks. Four in front and two on each side. Or something like that. Now that would be wicked awesome. I know for certain I'm not the only one that would want one. Maybe even allow multiple layers of this.