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  1. Now that I found the link, after some e-mail exchanges, they will refund me. The text is open to interpretation, but the technician in the FAQ did not specify the speed of being just for the Pro series. And the MasterLiquid series has four brands: MasterLiquid Lite, MasterLiquid, MasterLiquid Pro and MaterLiquid Maker. If they are separating the worse pumps that came from the batch for the Lite and MasterLiquid series, they should inform the speed of all the units (it would be hard in this case, right?). At least who knows will understand that we are most likely getting the pumps that did not pass the cut for the Pro series. But even then, 500rpm is a lot. Damn... Lost so much time with this.
  2. I found the link through another path, from the Knowledge Base that was offline for days. Looks like they broke the link and moved it to another page. Let's see if I get a response now.
  3. Strange, the Knowledge Base section that was offline is back online, but the FAQ indicating the speed of the MasterLiquid series pump (3000rpm +- 10%) is still offline. I still got no response from my support, not even from the second ticket that I opened in English. Any Cooler Master representative around to answer these questions? Anyone?
  4. I'm having problems with my local support and I would like to talk with someone from the Cooler Master Global or someone in the US. My ticket area is marked as Brazil and the ticket will be rerouted here in the Country. I don't want that. They are not reading what I write, they did not watch the video that I made for the RMA and they don't seem to be taking it seriously. And they are saying the pump of my unit is OK at 2500rpm when the standard is 3000rpm (FAQ answer - note that the Cooler Master Knowledge Base section is down for some reason). So it is way below the 10% threshold and I won't have it. I want to talk with Cooler Master Global. Is there an e-mail for complaints or something?
  5. I also can't fill the serial number. The same thing happened a couple months ago when I opened my RMA (I’m in the second RMA with the same product). Could you guys see these things? My ticket was closed back then because it had no serial number, although I made a note in the ticked and sent the serial number as a JPEG. Apparently not only the interface is bugged, but people don't read the content of the ticket. I'm having a lot of problems with Cooler Master Support over the last months and I’m not happy with it.
  6. Why the link saying that the MasterLiquid series have a 3000rpm speed for the pump was removed? IT IS AN OFFICIAL FAQ ANSWER TO A CUSTOMER!!! I'm in a dispute with my regional support and I need this information to get a refund (I'm so pissed). My unit, which was sent me after an RMA (pump noise), won't go past 2500rpm (way below the 10% limit). My initial suspicion was that they sent me a weaker pump to masquerade the pump noise. Now they are saying that the unit is OK and that it is not defective (running at 2500rpm). Was it related? Did you guys put down the link with the 3000rpm information because of my dispute? This is so strange. Could any representative of Cooler Master give me an answer?
  7. Could anyone confirm if the 240 has the same pump speed of the 240 Pro?
  8. To dont create the same topic, I would like to confirm if the MasterLiquid 240 (which I own and is being RMA'd) has the same pump speed of the Pro Series. According to this FAQ answer, the speed is of 3000 +/- 10%. Because I would like to check the pump speed once my new unit returns. If anyone has this information, I appreciate. Regards,
  9. I am reading Newegg's comments and the Kraken X61 has one or two mentions to coil whine, but NZXT responded with some instructions and advising to RMA in case it does not stop. So it might not be that rare to have coil whine in water pumps, but at least they addressed it properly (as a probable defective unit).
  10. Hello, guys, I was considering purchasing the Nepton 280L, but I have two questions. First, I have read here in this thread and on the internet about the pump producing coil while: Is this a recurrent problem (if you look at the video comments, several people are having the same problem), was it fixed? Any updates on it? It worries me a lot. The second is about the mounting screws. Looks like the 140mm holes are proprietary? That the Nepton 280L won't fit a standard 140m mounting hole? I was reading a review and the proprietary fit came up and I am not sure where. It confuses me that a fan / radiator (?) has proprietary mounting holes, so I want to make sure which one is it. Or all of them? Or they informed wrong and all mounting holes are standard 120mm and 140mm size? I appreciate any feedback, because the cooler seems to be top of the line (on par with NZXT Kraken X61, which are not available in Brazil). I just don't want to have any unexpected surprises afterwards. Best regards, Contiusa.