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  1. Hi @knud, thank you for reaching back! I've added rubberized foam, those used to put around the fan mounting holes, between the hdd enclosure and the chassi, as it is screwed in with 4 screws. This really helped, but did not fix it. I will try to add foam between the plexiglass (didn't even know the name) and the side panel. About a thicker plexiglass, I will try to inform myself on where I can buy that kind of thing and the pricing
  2. Hi again, an year has passed and the issue is not gone I tried several solutions and none made the issue gone. Just to summarise what is going on : The hdd while spinning vibrates as any hdd does, it is an WD blue 1tb and I have it mounted in the lower 3.5 mounting case, the vibration is turned into a metal/plastic vibration noise somewhere inside the case. If I touch or push the case on the outside a bit the noise will generally stop for a while. Yesterday I discovered exactly what is making the noise: the acrylic window on the side panel! It seems tight and flushed but it isn't at all. What can I do to make the issue stop? Hot glue it to the metal case? Rubber taping? Insert some foam between the glass and the metal? Any ideas are welcomed. Btw I tried several solutions regarding the hdd like an anti vibration 5.25 mounting apparatus, adding rubber to the case feels, add rubber grommets to the fans, adding rubber between coolermaster 3.5 plastic mounting helpers and the hdd, tighten the screws of the lower 3.5 mounting holder, nothing helped. Help and insight is appreciated. And sorry to revamp this thread.
  3. Hi, I'm sorry for the late response. I managed to silent my pc just by swapping the front bay shields (moved the 3rd to 2nd and the 2nd to 1st and the 1st to 3rd) and the vibration came to 10% of what it was!! The problem is due to the HDD making the case vibrating, but the vibration sound was from one of these shields. If the problem arises once again I will certainly try out the elastics solution. But as it is, I'm pretty happy with the result, could be more silent though...
  4. Hi Craciun costel, in fact if I remove the HDD the vibration noise will go away, but what I wanted to say is that the noise isn't from the HDD itself but from the CASE. If I remove every fan and hdd then all the vibrations will go away, but that isn't a solution nor a workaround as for a workaround I could just remove the front plate of the CM690III. I managed to pinpoint the vibration into a BAY plate in the front plate, I re-ordered them as I saw that gave a better grip\tightness and the vibration is way more controlled. Still my question still holds, what can I do to easen the vibration? Any mod that I could do? Thank you for your feedback and time. @cracium costel, what have you done to get away with the noise?
  5. Hi, I have an CM690III , but there is some vibration noise (due to the fan's in the system - three: CPU, FRONT 220mm, BACK 160mm) The noise seems to originate from the front plate and\or from the side panels. If it is the front plate, then I'm inclined to blame the BAY plates. If it is the side plates, then I'm inclined to blame the side-pvc window. The type of noise is that caracteristic of plastic-metal vibration. It is not from the HDD (only one in the build), if I remove the front plate the vibration (the most agressive one) seems to go away. If I just remove the front plate, there is a light 'huming' sound. If I remove both side plates and the front plate, then there is no vibration sound at all. If I touch the chassis or press it in some way, the vibration goes away. After sometime the vibration cease to be. What can I do to fix this issue? Rubber feets? cork sheets? glue? etc Any ideas are welcome. Best regards, Fábio R.