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  1. I realize I should connect one fan to each CPU fan header, but I was looking for a little more specific config strategy. On the ASRock mobo, the CPU Fan 1 header is 4 pin (PWM) and CPU Fan 2 header is 3 pin. because both fans in Hyper D92 are 4 pin fans, I was wondering which fan would best be connected to the 4 pin header. For example, is there any advantage say in connecting either the intake or the exhaust fan to the PWM enabled header? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim.
  2. I'm planning to add a Hyper D92 on my ASRock Z97 Extreme6 Motherboard. The motherboard has two CPU fan headers, one 4 pin & one three pin. What;s the best configuration for the two Hyper D92 fans?