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  1. Ok, thanks fro the reply - you cant help worrying when you hear that sound, so its good to know it shouldnt be anything serious ;o)  At first I wondered if I had tightened the coolerhead to hard to the motherboard or something..  Unfortunatly the sound is still there :(

  2. Just got this kit today and it looks great and the fans can be turned down until you cant hear them and still keep my cpu between 45-60C (35-45C w fans at full speed) @workload.  Unfortunately theres a clicking sound from the pump, sounds like and old harddisc working or like something brush agaings one of the fans (nothing is - dbl checked ofc). Its not constant but comes for a few secs, then goes away and come back 2-7 sec´s later :/

  3. I have the same problem, just got my 240m today and when I started it, there was a buble-sound when the pump started and then this ticking like an old harddisc or something touching a fan sometimes, not quite as much as the videoclip though..  Do I just keep using the pc and see if the noise goes away?  Theres no problem with temps btw.