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  1. Welp, after a ton more searching, I found the solution myself. Lessons learned: buying ROG, always check ROG sites first. I'll share the knowledge for when some other poor fella has the same problem:
  2. Bump! Anyone know this? I can't find the answer anywhere else :/
  3. Hi, Thanks, but this problem was about the noise level of the cooler. My problem is even before this, about whether or not I need to use the provided backplate in order to install the cooler. The op of that thread probably knows, but was last online several months ago, so I'm not hopeful he's gonna respond to me :/
  4. The instructions for the 280L says to install the provided backplate onto the back of my mobo. I have a Rampage V Extreme, which already has this metalic plate there. You can see it here: With this on, I can't get the screws in the provided backplate to line up with holes, let alone get the screws to go all the way through. I'm wondering if any other rampage v extreme people can tell me if I need to remove this plate and install the 280L backplate, or what other options I have. This is my first time using a water cooler in a build so I'm brand new to installing these Thanks for any help!