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  1. Okay, so firstly I managed to resolve the issue. Basically I am assuming that horrible cracking/rattling noise was an air bubble or something of the sort. I put my tower case on its side while it was running (pump was on) to fix some stuff. While running on its side, the noise from the pump completely vanished within 2-3 minutes. I let it run on its side for about an hour, before setting the case back upright. So far the noise has yet to come back. Have been running PC for about 24 since then, everything is completely silent and cool. If anyone has a similar issue, be sure to try this epic solution
  2. I really hope that an admin can give his opinion on this issue. Never had such an issue with other water coolers.
  3. Should I try to return or exchange the Nepton 280L for a new one? Or should i try to find a solution with this one? I am worried that this noise will grow into a serious issue in the future. I can hear the noise with the case closed from across the room, its kind of loud. Strange that the temperatures are not affected in any way...
  4. Connecting the pump to the motherboard 4pin cpu connector shows 6000 rpm, with perfect temps (30 degrees idle, 40 when gaming and 58 with the prime 95 stress test), this is with a 4.0ghz OC... I got the same results when I connect the pump directly to the PSU, using a molex to 3 pin connector. Feels like the pump is working at the correct rpm (max rpm) in both cases, with good temps. However, the cracking/rattling noise is still there, no matter how i connect it. Tried to re-install the pump on the CPU socket with no success. Noise is still there. Really worried that something is wrong with the pump.
  5. Hey! I just bought the Nepton 280L and installed it onto the Asus Z97-A motherboard and the i5-4690k processor. When i first turned it on the pump and everything worked fine, but today (1 day later), it started to make a rattling/cracking noise, its not too loud, but i can hear it with the case closed. I connected the pump with a 3pin to molex connector directly to the PSU. The fans are connected with the Y splitter to the main CPU 4 pin and work fine. This noise is scaring me... what can I do? What could be the issues? I tried to re-install the pump already, but nothing changed, the rattling noise is still there... I tried connecting the pump directly the the motherboard cpu 4pin, shows that it is working at 6000 rpm, which from what i gather is normal. The temps are fine and did not change one bit... 29-30 degrees idle and 40-45 when gaming... this is with a 4.0 ghz overclock. I saw this post, http://community.coolermaster.com/index.php/topic/11787-nepton-280l-rattlingticking/ and my noise is sort of similar... Thanks in advanced for the help.