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  1. powerajust 2 for controling fans. I godt this together with a reservoir water cooling. at 125 DKK extention cords for the fans.
  2. Scrap metal from the case Fans from the draw to fit the case. they all go on the inside to make the air flow be pushed out og the case.
  3. my cut out are sharp edges. so I have tryed to use a straa as protective cover for the cables
  4. I have mounted a thin sheet of filter, normaly used for a cooking fan. i got this once I was in Japan at 100yen ~ 6 DKK I have made a cardbord cut out for mounting the fan at the inside of the case.
  5. This is my old pump that I have used for my watercooling prevusly only for cooling my CPU It is an Enhim with a lift of 1,95m 1200l/h more than enogth to use for a CPU. this time I will use it for the GPU and another for the CPU. the one for the CPU is one that i got as a bargin second hand in my town at 100 DKK. it came together with a fishtank, 1 other pump, a plastic plant, a heating 55W element, cleening tools and other parts. I sold the heeting element for 85DKK so the rest was cloce to free. the "new" pump that came with the fishtank one of the radiators. A 4 fan EK 30 mm thick this only fits in the front of the case. I got this one together with a nother one, a 3 fan 50 mm that I will fit on the top of the case.
  6. cutout to the top of the case to fit the radiators A cut out in the front of the Cabinet to fit a radiator. 4 drilled holes in the bottom to fit wheels Wheels fitted on the case so now I can take it around the radiators attached in the case.
  7. I have found my Coolermaster part to use. My old PSU was a Be Quiet 600W 80+ Guld this one was about 2 years old and I sold it for 500dkk. I was offered a used CS850M PSU (2 month) at 450Dkk and got it home, but it did not start up. I went back and the gye that sold it to me said that he would take it back and sent it in as a RMA. I got my money back. I could not wait for the RMA so Instead I have Purchased a Coolermaster Silent Pro M2 1500W the Price 600 DKK. only 100Dkk more than my original PSU. and even that it is only a 80+ Silver it have the same effency at the load that I will be working at. around the 750W Coolermaster Homepage for Coolermaster Silent Pro M2 1500W TEST of the Coolermaster Silent Pro M2 1500W
  8. I just found today that my dremel does not work so I just have to do with an angel grinder and a file.
  9. Now that I have a lot of parts I will start looking at the case I will, as said, earlier reuse the old case that I have from ~10 years ago. This is a high tower. This was from times when cases was labeled mini- midi- maxi- High- Tower. Spec: ITX motherbord MAX 1x DISK drive bay 5x 5.25" expantion bays 7x HDD bays (4 on top of PSU, 3 under 5.25" bays) Remobveble MB bay Posible positions of fans: 2x 80mm at the 4xHDD bays 1x 80mm in front. the case from the front the case from the side: top of case top back of case.
  10. More new hardware have arrived I was lucky to find the hart of the system at a discount price. I5-4690K MSI Z97S SLI krait black 850 EVO 250 GB 2x4GB 2133mhz RAM for a price of 2600DKK normal price was 4200DKK I could have gone without the SSD for making the build cheaper and used one of my old 7200.12 200GB HDD's I migt also use the SSD for my laptop that I use for internet ect. and I need the fast boot here. I do not realy need SSD for my gamer Stationary pc. SSD in it self would cost 900DKK
  11. I could have gone with a SLI setup with another GTX 560TI, but chose to sel it instead. and look for a 6990 because I wanted to try a 3 screen setup with Ifinity My GTX 560TI was sold at 600DKK I found a 6990 4 GB card with watercooling for my build. this was a card that I found second hand at only 700 DKK ~ $120. I like this card that are pretty fast dual GPU card. the spec and some test are as good as many newer cards but It also requeres a new PSU. the 600W 80+ gold be quiet that I have have to be exchanged for a new one. @min 750W