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  1. Monitors as even your temperature. And plug the pump fan opt. it is necessary that the pump is running a full speed and after 30/40 hours the noise will disappear normally.
  2. Resolved. The noise disappeared after 30 hours of use. Surely an air bubble .
  3. Thank s Temperature 32 ° C ok normal 45 ° c max. I tried in every sense believing that there is air bubbles, but nothing happens. Rest assured me this is not the normal noise?
  4. Hi all, I am happy owner of 240m Nepton. Any time I have a serious soucci with the pump that makes a :) of noise bearings clack clack clack old ...... listen to the attached file. This is to determine if this is normal or if it is defective. Even 5v the problem is not solved. thank you. Salut a tous , je suis heureux possesseur du nepton 240m . Toute fois j' ai un sérieux soucci avec la pompe qui fait un bruit d'enfer de vieux roulements clac clac clac...... . Cest pour savoir si c'est normale ou si c'est défectueux. Même en 5v le probléme n'est pas résolu. merci .