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  1. Just to give a feedback about this issue, I bought the Hyper TX3 EVO and it perfectly fitted into 939 mobo. I used the 2-point metal piece from supplied accessories and the heatsink was easily mounted in plastic bracket of 939.
  2. "The Hyper TX3 EVO doesn't support socket 939", by means that can not mount correctly in Socket 939 ? My concern is that I can not find any obvious differences in the pictures of these two products (the same holds true for the accompanied accessories), thats why I am wondering if I can use the EVO version with my socket (despite the official specs). I cant figure out which are the changes that prevent the EVO from being installed there. Is there something I overlook ?
  3. Hi All, I would like to buy a cooler for my old AMD 939 socket. I found that "Cooler Master Hyper TX3" would be excellent choice for the use I want it, because of its size but mainly the socket 939 compatibility. Nevertheless it seems that e-shops here only have the updated version of this cooler, the "Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO". According to specs the updated cooler doesn't support the socket 939 anymore. By examining pictures of these two products (the non-EVO in comparison with EVO version) I can not find any obvious differences that justify the incompatibility with the socket. Has any of you ever tried to install the EVO version in a 939 Socket ? Is there an official way (an e-mail of customer support service would be preferable) to verify that the cooler can be (or not be) installed there ? I'm looking forward for your answers. Thanks !