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  1. Update. Since the 14 July I have now 11 keys that are dead. I will try an unltimate RTM before my warranty expire and get a 4th Keyboard since they did not wanted to refund me.
  2. Just for the records, Since my seller doesn't want to refund me and keep sending me a new keyboard each time, I received my 3rd CM Quickfire Rapid-I 3 weeks ago. My "F11" and "W" key are already dimmed. Really!?
  3. Just to Let people know my situation and how the CM Quickfire Rapid-I Led reliabily is a mess. I bought a Rapid-i early january and a LED died 2 month after that. My seller replace it (March) and now my second Rapid-I has a dead LED. MTBF=3 months This is actually sad because I love the look and feel of this keyboard but I obviously can't keep a product that will inevitably fail again and again even though I get each time a new one and so until my warranty is over. I am trying this time to get it completly refund and I will never come back. This is the first CM product I buy and this is probably the last. Good luck for to the others buyers, you will need it.