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  1. looking back i think i did not do a good job on on describing some of the things so this will be to put some details in that did not really get in there 1. this photo is 3 photos put togeter to show the customizability of the LED lighting 2.the 3 knobs on the front are to change the lighting one for each color 3.i ended up messing up on the first piant job for the PSU and ended up sanding it off and redoing it 4.the LED on/off button that came on the case i wired up to the LEDs so you can still use it to turn the LEDs on or off and that is all that i thought of i might come back and add more
  2. and you guys did not give a timezone to have it in by so if i am in late :( :(
  3. after a long debug session i got it working and it is now done
  4. after geting it all togeter my LEDs stared not working right so now to debug
  5. starting to put sfuff back togeher the PSU eveything
  6. painting the rest of it and the painting is done
  7. now for the cable channel i started out makeing a paper plan now i have it on a peice of metel after cuting it with my dremel i then bened them and it is done for the molst part
  8. now to make the RGB lighting makeing the led strip at the bottom of the case makeing the controller and the back plate for the GPU (i thout i had more of this too)
  9. now to take the case apart but i seem to have missplaed the photos of that painting the IO shield painting the side panel and testing out the paint painting the other side panel
  10. now to make my PSU look good a PSU thats not that good looking whats this a sicker that says warranty void if removed what!!!! now i cant do this just kiding it was gone before this anyway just look at then insides after a coat of black pant on the PSU
  11. i stared with a plan of what it would look like here it is next i went to go get the parts i would need like pant now for the fun part doing it
  12. my goal is to do best i can with what i heve wich is a modest tower a dremel and skill with building things first i will say how i came up with the name it is very simple it is a MOD but on a budget so i put tham togther to make MODGET ok now on to plans give my gray PSU a nice paint job custum cable sleeving (not that cheap so it might not be done) RGB led lighting with a homemade controller out of arduino, Propeller, or a picaxe make a backplat for my GPU (what 750Ti dose not need a backplat ) give it a good dusting and much more my case a CM storm scout (original) my GPU a EVGA 750Ti FTW my storage a 120GB ssd and 2 WD blacks in raid1 my CPU AMD phenom ii X4 955 my motherboard a ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 my cooler corsair h60 my RAM 12GB (2x2GB) and (2x4GB) hyperX blu my PSU a 550W antec bp550 plus