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  1. Final Photos, Choose Your Favorite Shots. Sorry I don't have any DSLR Camera, I used my Mobile Phone.. FINALE: My First Mod. Thanks Cooler Master... BTW, I love Dremel.. I enjoyed using it.. Don't expect to much on my Specs... SPECS: Case: Cooler Master HAF XB Evo Processor: Intel Pentium G3258 Motherboard: Gigagbyte RAM: 16GB ADATA XPG 1600Mhz GPU: ASUS GTX 580 w/ Aquacomputer WB HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB PSU: Raidmax AE 850 80+ Gold Water Cooling XSPC D5 Pump / EK D5 Top Bitspower Compresion Fittings Primochill Flex Tubes XSPC 240mm Radiator Top and Front Alphacool Res Aqua Computer for the GPU Waterblock XSPC Full Copper Waterblock [imghttp://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a21/Ephraim_Montemayor/DSC_2123_zpsj1pbecqc.jpg][/img]
  2. Some more work few days ago.. Castor Wheels Burnt 2 Drill Bits for Being Noob $12 down the drain.... While drilling holes for the wheels, I just Set my dremel to 35000RPM instead of 5000 rpm, Led Lighting Testing Fans and Fan Controller Final Photos to be posted later...
  3. Need to Hide my Full Copper CPU WB w/ this Piece of Sticker
  4. Fitting the CPU Block, Drillin Holes for My Rad and Res on my Custom Top and Bottom Panel etc..
  5. Custom Sleeves.. Just bought some Bumblebee Themed Pre Made Extension Sleeves...
  6. Sorry for late updates, Quite Busy on the past couple of months preparing for my wedding. I hope its not too late for me.. Well, This is what I did a couple of week ago.. I need a replacement sidepanel. And this Old PC Case Side panel is the thing... 1st time to use Dremel..
  7. Hi, This is Second Mod, and my first Mod and first Water Cooled Build to be posted on the web. I call it Bumble Build from Transformers Bumble bee. Don't expect too much, I am a newbie but I would do my best to make this best as possible. I have also no Sponsors for for the parts to be used. So forgive my Old school specs.... Also Paint Mod already done before I got to know about this contest. Thanks to my friend who helped me possible for a powder coated paint. Bumble Build EVO XB I hope that I can complete this porject on time. Financial and Time matters... Wish me luck...