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  1. Finally i hope you all like it and feel free to post positiv and negativ criticism
  2. May i present to you, the final pictures of the Gr3yF0rce Gaming RIG. It performs really nice for what i use it. All games on max Settings @ 2560x1440 and it is sooooooo quiet Feel free to share to everyone you want to show it. Made this Photo to show you the Coolermaster JetFlow120 and how well they fit in my Project. Special thanks goes to Member CM JesseP. who brought me here and to my girlfriend, for being the being the best and beautifullest person in my life . Both belived in me and made me to do the best i could at this Project. THX And now please cross your Fingers for me to win this challenge May the best Modder win
  3. Lets get those Coolermaster fans inside And the last pic with attached dust filters
  4. Updates sry that i needed some more time as promised, but there wasnt time to keep on posting here There you can see the Custom Made parts for my Case, brushend in a nice metallic gray for the outside and black for the interior. And an exampe how i can change the bottom of the interior if there will be new stuff to attach: Lets put the Stuff together: Now i will just post the Pictures how the Hardware got inside the case , because pics speak more than thousand words (or how was it). After that you can see that my new Coolermaster Fans arrived and i will fast switch the corsair ones for them;) The Lamptron CW611 for controlling the Pump and all Fans CPU and Cooler 16GB Ram reservoir and in the background the Laing 3.25 pump a place for a lonely ssd hope i will/can add a second one later The radiators fitt perfectly into the case but they couldnt be much bigger First GPU installed Second one wanted to get installed too Let´s fill up this loop first time using the front filling port ^^ left from it there is the unfill port or if you use both together, you can put some watercooling parts in your loop to test them Case feet arrived and you can see a big mistake in my car wrap but it will be done later :/ Ligthing installed and ready to be used in picture 4 you can see my backgoung light for seeing the ports in the dark.
  5. Hello guys and girls Let me introduce you to my Gr3yF0rce Project. I am on this build since 05.01.15 so i have some older Pictures to show you until we reach the actual status. You will see i switched the fans during the Build because i couldnt wait until my new Coolermaster JetFlo120´s arrive i used my old Corsair´s instead. But lets start with an overview: Some parts are missing like the "REAL" fans and the GPU blocks and the big Rad: Like i told you i have my lovely Coolermaster JETFLO120 White now __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ But now lets start at the beginning: 1. What Hardware ?: CPU : AMD FX8350 @5.1GHz (+ more, we will see) Mainboard : ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z RAM : Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x8GB 1600Mhz @ 1866Mhz GPU : EVGA GTX780 Classified 2x in SLI PSU : EVGA Supernova 1000P2 SSD : Samsung EVO 840 Soundcard : Creative Soundblaster Z CPU Cooler : Alphacool NexXxoS XP3light GPU Cooler : EKWB FX780 Classy Rads : Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 240 and 360 Fans : 5 x Coolermaster JetFlo120 White Reservoir : Aquacomputers Aqualis Pro 450 with Nanocoating Pump : Laing DDC 3.25 Controller : Lamptron CW611 Tubes : Aquatuning Lights : Phobya Flexlights Thank you for the Sponsoring of the Watercooling Parts 2. Which Case to start? I started with my old Corsair Air 540 because it has a nice Basement and the Frame did perfectly match my Space Needs:D This is whats left from the Original one: Lets get those metal out of my way: Finished the Frame Please stay calm i will go on in some hours