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  1. Sorry for double posting, just wanted to update this topic. So, after a lot of fiddling around, I finally made some progress. Although the H440 is a great case, the airflow sucks - a no no for Nepton 280L . So, with that in mind, I turned the back fan from exhaust to intake, using also a 140 mm air filter. The results on idle are around 30-33° C which is a tremendous difference. Without the air filter, it would probably be more. So this setup is like this: - Front: 3x NZXT FN120 v2 (stock) (intake) - Top: 2x CM JetFlo 140 Nepton 280L fans (stock) (exhaust) - HDD Bay: Noctua NF-P12 blowing cold air all over graphic card (Sapphire 6870) out the openings in the lower back - Back: 1x NZXT FN140 v2 (stock) (intake) With this setup, the back intake feeds the 280L much needed cold air, which brought the temps down by almost 8° C. A drawback is that all this air mixing produces a bit of a strange noise - like an air raid far away, lol... So I still have to work on this, but at least I know in which direction to take it. So, any further suggestions? Putting some other fans, slowing these down...
  2. OK, I'm getting pretty frustrated with the situation. I cut the clips from the 8-Pin PSU-MB cable, so I managed to turn the fans around to push hot air out - as recommended by CM and everyone else. Fan control works, pump control works. During Prime95 15 min stress test, the temps barely touched 63° C (with the fans going 100%). On idle, temps stayed the same - 37° C average. Fans are doing around 1190-1200 RPMs. Can somebody please explain what the f.. did I miss? Thank you in advance. BTW, I managed to attach my old Noctua NF-P12 on my HDD brackets to forward some air over my Graphic card, and I got a couple degrees lower temps, so at least I got that working for me, which is nice (insert Bill Murray meme here).
  3. I'm afraid you're right. But what do you think about this - as the Nepton 280L has mounting holes for 120mm fans as well, maybe put the 120mm industrial Noctuas as push-exhaust? Then I can use the Jetflo's in the front of the case as intake... Would that be a better combo? I wouldn't use the supplied NZXT as push fans, as the 120 FN v2's static pressure is around 45 cfm..
  4. Well, yeah, I know that only the top remains, and only possible setup with this MB is like mine - pull fresh air from the outside through the radiator. Exhaust - blades are hitting the MB heatsink. Push - the radiator is too thick to enter the space between the fans and the MB. With this setup the cooling efficiency is quite reduced, and I think that's the reason for the high temps. So, I either order 5 Noctuas 14cm IndustrialPPC 3000 (back, 2x Nepton, 2x front) to increase the airflow and noise probably, or I settle with this as is, which I don't really want... As for the pump, I haven't experienced the same thing again. I reconnected the 2 JetFlows to CPUFan_1 and CPUFan_2 and the pump to SYSFan_1, and this seems to work OK. Under load both fans and pump increase their RPM's so it looks fine. The sound sometimes drives me crazy - I don't know if it's because I haven't got used to the sound of the AIOs as this is my first one, but it sounds something like a hard-drive, or very fast rotating brush sounds, or... I can't explain, it's barely audible, but it's very unnerving subconciensly....
  5. Hey there people, Since yesterday I have a following setup and some issues: Case: NZXT H440 MB: X99 MSI SLI Plus Memory: DDR4 Kingston HyperX Predator 2400MHz CPU: i7 5820k This MB's VRM heatsink is quite tall, and it's 8pin PSU jack on top edge. That PSU cable can get quite in the way of the fans, and the MB heatsink touches the fan blades on CM recommended setup. In addition, I had to do without the innermost fan thumbscrews as there is no space for them because of the heatsink itself. What I did was attaching the radiator to the top of the case, the fans under it, but rotated them so they would pull the fresh air from the outside through the radiator. In this setup my idle temp sits between 35-40° C. That seems pretty high to me, as the CPU was not overclocked or anything. The supplied thermal paste was applied in less-than-pea-size quantity without spreading. I didn’t do any stress tests yet. Does anyone have any alternative besides attaching the radiator to the front of the case? It is not an option – I need the HDD brackets. The pump itself was not rotated, meaning the CM logo sits as it should, which made the water pipes curve a bit, but nothing out of the ordinary. The other thing that I can’t find a solution for yet is that the pump suddenly lowered its RPMs to 0, and fans reved up to 100%. The temps started rising, restarting didn’t help, so I had to shut down the PC. After a few minutes, I started it again and everything went back to normal – Pump RPMs between 6800 – 6900, fans around 700-800 RPMs. The fans are connected to the CPU_Fan1 slot via included splitter, and the pump itself to the CPU_Fan2. In MSI Command center and BIOS both the pump and the fans were on Smart mode - aka CPU-Fan1 & CPU_Fan2 on Automatic). I was reading somwhere around here about this issue, but there was no concrete answer or solution beside sending the unit back - it's a pain here in Serbia, so I would prefer some other suggestion. Thank you in advance.