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  1. hey guys i'm here with my 2nd mod my 1st mod is based on haf x nvidia edition, this is the opponent, she based on case cosmos 2 my sponsor is akinformatica thx for the sponsor! i worked on my frieds modder twister! spec : cpu amd fx 4300 air cooling cm v8 gts ram avexir vga r9 280x msi gaming psu cm 650w ssd amd 120gb this is the pictures
  2. hi guys, this is my firsth mod on cm haf.x nvidia edition speck: cpu i5 4670k gpu 770 zotac amp! (x 2) mb g1 sniper z87 ram avexir g1 sniper psu 1000w cm silent pro m2 ssd 120gb 840evo samsung liquid cooling on ekwb and bitspower more photo here: