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  1. I have 2011-3 and i didn`t install the backplate ... mainly because on this mobo you cannot do that. But the 240M had all the screws necessary to install on existing plate.
  2. P.S. : I Have a Gygabyte X99 Gaming 7 mobo, ant the fans are on CPU_Fan and the pump is on the SYS_FAN (case fans) I tried the pump on CPU_OPT connector but did not work. As i found out from the mobo manual, the CPU_OPT and SYS_FAN/CPU_FAN connectors, have different configurations even if they look the same.
  3. Hello, A month ago i got a Nepton 240M for my 5820K. It was about 10 days ago that i notices very strange noise and vibration from one of the fans. I did not take it out. Yesterday the noise became very annoying and i said to myself it needs to be taken out of the system. I found the problem on youtube between seccons 16 and 23: Surprise....the second fan also got this problem (i think the vibrations from the first one affected the second one also). I got both of the fans out of the system and mounted a Thermaltake fan 220mm on top of the radiator (the case allows it) - no more noise and vibrations this way, but with a Thermatake fan. Now i want to replace the fans but my local supplier refuses that because it wants the whole set (including radiator and pump) to send it to the service. If i do that, it takes 7-14 days until i get the spare one and i will stay without a cooler system for the CPU = unusable computer!! After o spend about 140$ on a cooling set i do not want to be left 7-14 days with an unusable computer. Any advice on how to avoid that and replace only the fans? I want to get back to the CM fans , not to stay on an improvised solution with a bigger fan. Thank You!