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  1. the packages take long time to travel. CM sended me some screwpacks and I waited 2 weeks to receive the package. Than I reopened the ticket and told them that I did not received nothing. CM answer was that they will send it again. It passed another 2 weeks and 3 days until I received an info from an postal office to go and take my package. I sugest to reopen the ticket and tell them about your problem, on forums is not the proper place to post I think, despite that the CM guys from here are very polite and they help you as much as they can.
  2. Good evening, please help me with an suggestion. I searched for sidepanel magnetic filters compatible for CM 690 III but I did not found anything compatible or at least I don't know if those will work. So anyone know where and most important what air filters I need for the side panel of my CM III 690? Thank you very much.
  3. hey mate. First, I know that the noise is not from hdd himself, is from his 3.5 bay which is vibrating in the hdd cage, the bays are less wide than the cage. I tried to use some rubber stuff to fill the gap between the hdd bays and the cage, was a little better but still far from better. The case was silent only when I was removing my 3 hdd . So I decided to make some changes. They are not nice as view but the vibrations are gone now and my pc is dead silent. I removed my DVD and used some elastics.
  4. before saying that HDD is not the issue, please remove the hdd from your pc and start your pc again. You will see that will be no more noise. I had the same issue.
  5. just to know, those silencio are not the ones from nepton 240m/140xl, which have around 4,5 iirc static pressure. These silencio which you have are the normal version. I can wait for the real ones to be available for sell, but I think that this would not be in the interest of CM because in this way everyone would change their fans and use the old radiators. Indeed, not only the fans are the secret for better cooling, the new pump launched with nepton 240m is awesome and silent, but the fans are really good compared with the stock versions of corsair 100/105/110 or nepton 280 who makes also lot of noise.
  6. hey sir I know that CM EU ships to Romania, but the price is quite high I am afraid for us, we are speaking about ~ 20 euro. I tried to buy from an store much closer to me (shipment inside Romania is like 2 - 3 euro) and on CM website - where to buy - I found that as distributor of CM in Romania - Top Quality Computer SRL. I contacted them for info about Nepton 240 M some time ago, they had no clue and they almost sold me one Seldon instead Nepton, because they just did not know the new product. I had to buy the Nepton from Amazon ... Same thing with the Silencio fans, they got no clue about what I am talking. I don't think that they are an really good distributor of CM products ...
  7. the Noctua FN-F12 Industrial PPC 3000 PWM 120 mm cooling fans can reach 750-3000 rpm, at max speed having an airflow of ~ 190 m^3 at an static pressure of 7,63 mm H2O and ~ 44 db(A). I saw some of them running and I was scared about the noise they can do at maximum speed. We are talking about 3000 rpm which is insane. Also being very close to the radiator at this pressure the noise will be even louder ... This can be an better combo indeed but I don't know what to say about the noise...
  8. I am afraid that pulling fresh air THROUGH your radiator will be an pain for your AIO, the radiator have no chance to be cooled, only the simple air circulation through him will not be enough when you will do anything else except staying idle. That is why mate I don't think that buying more case fans will help since the hot air from inside your system is not guilty for the Nepton poor cooling, no matter how many case fan you will have I bet that the results will be the same. You could try something else, I saw that stupid vram heatsink is so big, but you may could use only one or two fans instead? One in the left side at least in normal position as exhaust? Even one should be way better than those 2 pulling air from outside through the radiator... about noise. I did not checked the 280l but the 240m is an beauty and an beast in the same time. Though, since the moment I bough him I noticed an noise into my system, an new noise barely audible but is there. But in the same time I bought my number 3 hdd WD black and since these are very silent I blamed them for an while. After 3 weeks I gave up and I dismantled my whole pc trying to understand what the :) is doing that noise. The noise is like an vibration for 2 sec, silence for 2 seconds so at one moment will became very frustrating. I removed my dvd-rw and took my hdd-s from bottom cage (I have an CM III 690) and placed them into the 3.5 inch bay using elastics. The noise from vibrations was gone but after some time I realized that the noise is still there but not so loud. It was the Silencio FP120 fans who make the noise and this Is happening around 18-22% fan speed, as I checked with easy tune. Now I let them to 16% up until 40°C and after that 50% at 50°C which make the AIO dead silent in idle/movies/browsing and in games the windforce 770 gtx is making way more noise than the silencio fans.
  9. 1. your case can have: front 2*140, 3*120, back 1*140, top 2*140, 3*120. So if you cannot use the front, back is out of question so only top remains. 2. your MB have 3 sys fan and 2 CPU PWM connectors. Try to change the fans to CPU FAN 2 and the pump on CPU FAN 1. Why, because in my case for example Nepton 240 m I use the fans in CPU_OPT fan and the pump in CPU_FAN so I think that my OPT fan is like your CPU FAN 2. If by any chance you still have issues, use your pump with an molex directly into the PSU unit.
  10. I had the same issue, I choose Nepton 240 M, It is so quiet ... basically my Windforce 770 gtx is making more noise in full than the Nepton. I think that the Nepton is the beginning of the new generation of AIO's.
  11. good evening. Since the nepton 240 m first info was on the internet I tried to buy one of those, and I had to wait since October until 10 January. I am living in Romania and despite I contacted the only shop who sell CM products from your contact page, they had no clue about this new product ... Anyway, now I have it and I am very excited about him, it is an very good product. Now my question: I want to buy some of Silencio FP 120 PWM fans for my CM III 690 and like always your shop from Romania don't have the slightest clue about these, not even mentioning something about an ETA... Can you do something about this? It is an shame because even now most CM products in Romania are sold out in 99% of the stores. Thank you and keep doing good job!