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  1. I must apologize to you too It is a mistake of my own. I was in a hurry because of late post. Forgot to Credit from the part of the inspiration. Then I fix it already with a sense of urgency.
  2. and thank you my friends. modder in Thailand for help everthing in my project when i tired
  3. Thank you Asus thailand for M/B+VGA and Ram klevv from Team Group too
  4. Thank you Cooler master thailand for support me. You make me got a new technique. that's my friend him show me how to open Master liquid pro's Cover. Your Pump on Liquid Pro 120.I like,It has enough strength to easy continue to open loop.And I will do it when there is opportunity.
  5. When it moved, it was attached to the case.
  6. I spent several days on a trial and error with my friends.Finally, I did it. I wrote the C++ with arduino mainboard. I connected it according to my easy diagram.and write C++ with arduino M/B for Rotate 90 degrees
  7. The next step in the armor around.I take a few days. How to make it move?.Finally, I tried the servo motor.It is a piece of radio control aircraft.
  8. After test it already and everything ok. I was back in the armor part .I raised it up with my linear motor.And management all cable.It's one of the projects I like so much.It's make me easy to maintain.
  9. After that I put everything together.
  10. put Linear Motor and other. At base for m/b setting.After that,I Mod Cooler master Liquid pro 120 for feeling Sci-fi concept
  11. Other parts below I also use the same heat bending. And keep it clean with sandpaper and putty
  12. This piece I use acrylic laser cutting. And bending it with heat.
  13. After that I trimmed it to embed the light and try to attach it to the base. I tested it with boxlight to be sure it will work well.