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  1. Update! 1 of my LEDs just died on me yet again. Having to RMA my keyboard once again, this will set my RMA count to 4 times. So far the longest my keyboard have lasted without a hitch is 5 months. From my understanding, according to moderator CM Bram, they have addressed the LED "issue". As I'm residing in Singapore, I'd like to know if the new batch of Rapid-i's are available in my region. Also, to anyone who might stumble onto this forum while researching whether to get one for themselves, I suggest thinking twice. At least until it is confirmed that the LEDs are improved. If not for the broken LEDs, Rapid-i is a great keyboard to own.
  2. I too, bought my Rapid-i last december. To date, i have RMA'd my keyboard 3 times for faulty LED. Rapid-i either has really bad leds, or i have no luck at all. They should really do something about it.