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  1. now time to test fit the hardware
  2. cut the bars using this rotary tool i used this 2mm acrylic sheet for the motherboard and shrouds cutting the shrouds cutting the motherboard tray i used a drillbit to drill holes for the motherboard mounting screws and pliers to put it in place frame done !!! now its time to mod the cpu cooler !! for this mod ill be using the coolermaster seidon 120v draining the coolant and cutting the tube measuring and cutting the replacement tube for the seidon coolant can also be seen on the background added some old larkooler fittings on the end of the tubes, hehehe... added the coolant testing the cooler for leaks with my homemade ac-dc converter testing !! hahahaha!
  3. i used aluminum angle bars for the frame
  4. Hi Guys! Im Anthony an amateur pc modder ... its my 1st time doing a scratch build... this is a worklog for my build inspired by the gundam 00 series... im going to use this items!! my very own budget build ! ahaha!