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  1. The Rush To The Finish Line so the past few days have been hectic, I've not been able to documment all of it, but here is what I've got! I had to make some changes to the case to make the panels fit, (design flaw from my side) and as well as that I've "created" the front panel. Explanation of the panels! The front panl is made of 2 sheets of acrylic, 1 white 1 mat black. the white sheet is the one equipped with hole for fans and is the sheet that hold the fans the black sheet is cut with a pattern that is representing molecules. The side panels is made of 6 sheets, 3 white background sheets, and 3 sheets with patterns on them. The overall theme of these patterns is the formula of nitroglycerin, and also give you a hint of the name "NitroGlycer" So here's the front! First picture is where the front panel is being pressed down, so the silicone is taking it's effect and makes it sit in place. Hope you like the project! this is how it's going to be for the competition, I am going to continue with a few things after the competition!
  2. entered with mine :I hope i made it and hope i entered in the right way. NitroGlycer
  3. Submission Day! So today I finished the mod, and wow I was in such a rush (bad planning from my side) but in the end I made it with very few regrets Only actual regret is that I never got the sleeving from my sponsor, but that's also a fault on my part, I should have done it myself. So without futher intrusion here is the baby.
  4. Laser parts and GPU So I'll be home tomorrow and able to continue! also get the spray paint brand and can for cougourlode2 so the laser cut parts have arrived and I'll be adding them as the case is prepared for it, what I was able to put in right away was the side of the PSU shroud. as well as the gigabyte g1 gaming GPU, and the last 2 RAM modules came in as well, and it looks fantastic. let the photos commence! and here's the sidepanel of the shroud the last few parts Next up is getting the last laser parts added and readied.
  5. ill get to it was just posting pictures that I had taken still haven't been home sorry.
  6. Assembly 1.0 So assembling the painted parts and starting to look really nice! The GPU has also arrived it's going to be a gigabyte windforce card. Also the GPU is a little longer than expected so the sidetower is going to be changed slightly. The laser parts should be here today as well. So for now what do you think?
  7. Am glad that you like it as said ill check what brand the paint is when I get home tomorrow, ill get you a photo of the can
  8. To be honest am not entirely sure, ill check tomorrow when I'm home. you like the outcome?
  9. Ah sorry for not being too specific Spray Paint
  10. "Optimus" Prime and Paint! So as said before I'm going to paint a few parts and here is some of the progress results! For starters I started out with priming the parts, which made them plain mat white, and then I applied some more delicate white to them. NOTE: Never again going to try and paint RAM, it did not end as I wanted it, so going to buy white RAM instead! First Coat. (Bars "Feet" and "Handles") After Primed and now applying white! (for more WHITE effect! HAHAA) So what do you guys think? Personally am excited to see these mounted on the case going to fit nicely with the theme! Next time am not sure but hope your all waiting with excitement!
  11. I ran out of white paint! so I ran out of white paint, which was unlucky i'll have to go buy some more tomorrow, so no RAM or handle painting today well I decided to take the front panel and remove the first obstacle towards the new front panel Had to remove the bridge in the middle of the panel, and to do that I had some help from the best friend a modder can have, the dremel! And here's the result! So starting tomorrow I plan on getting some white paint and get started on the process of making the RAM white and the handles white. See you soon!
  12. Prepping for measurement with parts inside. So the custom parts that will be cut by E22 is going to be measured 1 last time before the order gets on the way. So here is how the girl is right now, shes stripped down a little so might be a little pron for some of you *JK* Just got the motherboard from the post office and it looks so nice, super simple and beautiful. Fits the theme of black and grey perfectly. Yet missing 2 RAM blocks but they should be painted and finished within the next few days and will be added! Will see you guys soon!
  13. So I've gotten another package from yet another exciting partner! Yes the package from be quiet! has finally arrived! Here is the beautiful Dark Rock Pro 3 So next week the modding itself is going to take storm, whole april should be filled with excitement as the system goes togather and shapes into what its meant to be. So until next week! hope your all ready for an epic finish.
  14. I know it's going a little slow, but things a progressing behind the scenes. Sponsor RAM Hope that the images is okay, am still a novice. Until Next time!
  15. Somehow it won't post the 3rd video so here it is. Cable Tucker (Watch in 1080P for best result)