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  1. Here's a quick size comparison of common cases. Front view.
  2. Thanks. I have replied. Hopefully I can get replied to quickly since the deadline is close. Edit: Replied. All sorted.
  3. Yah! I do hope I get some sort of confirmation soon. I put a lot of work in for the competition O_O Edit: Replied. All sorted.
  4. I have submitted my entry into the scratch build competition a few days ago. Using the instructions provided in the email that has been send many times. I have also sent emails asking for confirmation but have never received anything back. How can I find out if I have been entered? Don't want the due date to pass by just to find out they never received my emails. I have emailed them a few times early on in the project and did receive responses then.
  5. Have taken some more pics of the internals as a lot of people asked for them. 24-pin connector only has one 5V wire, one 3.3V wire, 3.3V_SENSE, PWR_OK, PWR_ON, both 12V wires (as this is still used for PCI-E slot partially), and 4 GND wires.
  6. Project is completed! Here are the final photos: BUILD PICS: CoolerMaster XtraFlo Slim 120mm PWM Fan RGB LED Demonstration: PICS FOR SCALE: This high-end gaming PC can fit a small backpack, a pillowcase, a laptop carry bag, and my lap, with ease. Random notes: Max CPU and GPU temps (after an hour of GTA V): 73ºC CPU and GPU fans are turned off below 55ºC. CPU is at stock 3.8GHz. GPU is at Core: 1500MHz / Memory: 7.4GHz effective. 3DMark Firestrike: It was a tough and ambitious project with a lot of time put into it (have never worked on such a complex project before). I am very happy with the outcome and it has inspired me to want to work on similar projects in the future. Please comment your mind. I would love to hear your opinions and/or questions.
  7. RGB LEDs have been installed. Just ironing out some software bugs. Otherwise, the project is complete!! Will take proper pics in the daylight tomorrow (even if it is decent, a phone camera is still a phone camera).
  8. The combined RGB LEDs have arrived. The project should be fully completed within a couple of days!
  9. Got some photos of the final (except LEDs) product next to a Sony PlayStation 4. For size comparison.
  10. What 760 model is it? And what is your fan curve like? The 760 has a similar power to the 970 so technically they should get similar temps.