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  1. A nice many of comment, thank you. Finally, is the image of PC layout of a favorite OOTOYA. Goodbye
  2. Moving image
  3. 2.5HDD mounting. Wiring clip. Coolant injection. Setup Complete. Was completed.
  4. Hello Relaying of the power supply wiring. Power switch wiring. Moved the water temperature gauge. Is a little more. Paint Fail ! ! ! Japanese restaurants OOTOYA
  5. Under side of the water-cooled piping & Other cover, etc. It is will soon completed. Japanese character, relax bear
  6. Hi ASUS DirectCU â…¡ OC RADEON R9 290 I will go water-cooled SAKURA
  7. Hurry up! Wirings and piping, is the work start.
  8. Thank you, is okay.KKKK Japanese noodles
  9. Hi Slide the power supply is cover created. Japan of meat! Tonkatsu
  10. Hello everyone Has progressed considerably work. My best you.
  11. Radiator fan & CPU mounting SHIMESABA