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  1. Article was written over at thought i would link it.
  2. It is all made of ABS. i used about 9 pounds of plastic. but there was a lot of extra parts and i printed everything with rafts. Thanks. it was a lot of fun to make.
  3. Thanks. A good friend helped me make them. It has a 750 ti and a i7 4770k CPU. It can play pretty much any thing.
  4. Awesome. I would love to try and add the auxiliary gas tanks you have on your model. I may have to design something that will work. it took forever to learn all the software i use. i will have to check out Solidworks.
  5. Ok time to finish this up. here are the pictures of the tanks transformation. Testing the hardware. Getting everything ready to go back in the tank. It's like a really complicated puzzle.. there is barely enough room for everything. The fan fit perfectly and looks nice. Time to print the Cooler Master Logo for the top of the turret. and then after i put it all together... I get an amazing computer:
  6. After a few more modifications the tank is ready for Quakecon 2014 This says "Peace, Love and Rockets" in German Power buttons for RC and computer. Quakecon registration sticker. This where you plug in all the computer peripherals. New transmission with batteries and computer installed.
  7. Time to sacrifice a WiFi PTZ camera. And put it in the front of the turret. And test fit the barrel. More parts for the turret. Close to complete.. All Sides. Time to build the transmission. this one failed but it looked nice. After a massive redesign and 2 blown electric motors I have one that works. I could write a book between these two pictures. it took a lot to get here. Time to test fit the computer. I had to use a PCIE Extension Cable to place the video card above the motherboard.
  8. I started with the treads. At first I modeled them from real treads used on tiger tanks. After several failed attempts I modified the design to allow them to roll better over the road wheels. I was able to print 20 at a time It took 17 hours of print time per 20 tracks. I used filament as pins and started assembling the treads. As I built it I had to compare it to the 3d designs I had. I tested the tracks on an android tank that was suppose to be a donor. (Don't worry... it was never harmed i found better ways. ) Finally had all 200 tracks printed that I needed to make the tank. Was time to start printing wheels. Drive wheel was first. as you can see it needed a lot of clean up. Next a regular road wheel. Testing them in the tracks. I took pictures to show the sizes for documentation. All the wheels and tracks for on side. minus the tension wheel. Overhead picture of same layout Time to print the tension wheel. Finally can see what they look like all together. Time to print more wheels. And time to start printing the "tub" (the bottom of the tank) Each peace took between 7 and 12 hours to print. After printing 4 of the 6 peaces of the tub I started test fitting the axles. I used steel rods as axles. Finally the the last peace of the tub is printed. Glued together with ABS sludge, axles and wheels put in place. The wheels had hubs added so that they would fit on the axles. Assembled with both set of tracks and all the wheels. Time to add some details. Much more delicate and harder to print but I got them done. Starting to look like a tank. Time to start printing the upper side of the tank. Test fitted on the bottom of the tub. 2 out of 6 of the upper tank complete. Test fit the computer components. 4 of 6 peaces of the upper tub. 6 of 6 peaces of the upper tub and one of the side skirts. Time to print the barrel. Coming together... Slowly but surely. Starting to print more misc graphics. Glued the side skirts on. The exhaust and other misc parts. Printed the front shield. Printed the tray for the turret. The bottom of the tank is mostly printed. the Plexiglas windows are added. It's really starting to look like a tank. Front so far. Back Time to start printing the turret. A side of the turret. The other side of the turret. The front top of the turret. Back storage of the turret. OK... its coming along.
  9. About The Builder: I have been modding cases for nine years. My first case mod contest was Quakecon of 2006. My case didn't win, however I kept creating and entering every year. In 2009 my persistence paid off, and I took the first place prize. Since then I have gotten better at modding and have taken home the first place prize two additional times.
  10. Tiger Tank Computer Case Summary: 1. Case was inspired by the World of Tanks game. 2. Tank model was designed from scratch in SketchUp using game footage and reference photos of real tanks. 3. Case is entirely 3d printed in ABS plastic 4. The tank is a fully functional RC vehicle. Treads move and the tank can be driven around with a RC controller. (left, right, forward, reverse). 5. Turret moves left/right/up/down and contains the internals of a wifi PTZ camera. Turret and camera are controlled via an Android tablet. 6. Hardware Specs: Intel i7 4770k, G-Skill 8GB DDR3, Asus Mini ITX Motheboard, EVGA Geforce 750 TI, Corsair 250GB SSD, Cooler Master 550 watt GX II, Cooler Master JetFlo 120mm LED Fan, and Cooler Master Thermal Fusion 400 Thermal Paste. 7. I have made all the design models available on, if you have a 3d printer you can print your own copy of my case. Note this is challenging case to assemble. The Build: I started this case in February 2014. I didn't post a build log at that time. I'm now upgrading and changing out hardware to enter this into the Cooler Master CASE MOD World Series. I previously entered it in the Modders-Inc Casemod contest at Quakecon 2014. It took first place in the fabrication contest and made the September 2014 cover of Computer Power User magazine. The amount of time that was put into this case was astronomical, and I am proud to present this case. This log will detail its original build and highlight its transformation and upgrades. Cooler Master Upgrades: 1. Cooler Master GXII RS550-ACAAB1-US 550W ATX 12V V2.31 80 Plus Bronze Certified Active PFC Power Supply 2. Cooler Master JetFlo 120 - POM Bearing 120mm White LED High Performance Silent Fan for Computer Cases, CPU Coolers, and Radiators 3. Cooler Master ThermalFusion 400 - High Performance Thermal Compound Links: Thingverse 3d models: Quakecon 2014 Scratch Build Contest winners: Computer Power User Magazine, September 2014: