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  1. Finally had some time to get more work done on my case mod!! I have painted more white accents on the front of the case and have completed most of my mods to the left side panel!! (I haven't completed outlining the HAF logo yet though)
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    HAF 912

  3. My entry to the Case Mod World Series is my HAF 912!! I have painted the grey metal of the case in a matte black and have added striking white accents in matte white!! I am currently working on making a side panel window and possibly adding more white accents to the outside of the case! For components I will be using an AMD FX-8150, Asus M5A97R2.0 with white paint mods, A corsair TX750M (possibly changing), 16Gb of HyperX Fury memory 1866, Asus strix 970, Verbatim 120Gb ssd and a seagate 1Tb.