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  1. Way to go with the introduction of the ATCS 840. It looks like a great case. I just wish that it would have come out before I bought my Silverstone (which I love). One can never have too many options.
  2. It has been shown to cool better than the Cosmos S. It has been shown to be quieter and there is not a plastic part on it, with the exception of the handles for the hard drive trays. It is Quality with a capital Q. And I found a deal online where I got one for the same price as a Cosmos S. It is exactly what the Praetorian used to be. It is something that Coolermaster lacks in its lineup. Truth be told, if Coolermaster had a case like that, I would buy from them over Silverstone.
  3. The problem in shrinking the length of the case is that the case length is largely determined by the length of an ATX or EATX motherboard. To make a shorter case you would need to limit what hardware could be put into the case. With a case that sports the pricetag that the Cosmos does, I am sure that Coolermaster is trying to make it work with AS MANY hardware components as it can.
  4. I think the gripe boils down to the loss of quality exhibited over the last several years at Cooler Master. Look where the Centurion line of computer cases has gone. Each model has gotten worse with the exception of the most recent offering. First we had the Centurion 5 CAC chassis. It was entirely made of metal. It is STILL the most purchased model on Newegg. In my opinion it is the quintessential budget computer chassis. Next came the Centurion 532. Notice the introduction of plastic components. Although it still retains excellent build quality. It does not sell as well as the Centurion 5 Next came the Centurion 534. Gone is the mesh front. In comes more plastic. It sells even less than the 532. Most recently we have been given the Centurion 590. It seems to be a better design than the 534. Compare the quality of parts between the Praetorian PAC and the Cosmos. I have been discussing this in the other active thread in this part of the forum. If you agree with my observations please feel free and add your voice. Maybe something will be done. Personally I wouldn't mind spending a few bucks more for a quality case.
  5. Thank You for taking the time to listen. It is much appreciated. BTW I have built 30 computers in the last few years and all of them that I have chosen the parts for have been in a Coolermaster case.
  6. Both those cases have significant amounts of plastic trim on the exterior. Along with the Cosmos S. Yes, I am referring to a case with NO plastic. Spending $250 on a case and getting anything less than aluminum without plastic parts is crazy. But I must add that Coolermaster has become a good budget case company as demonstrated by the cases you posted. This is a good thing, but they used to be a good top-end company. An all aluminum case has long been the luxury model of the computer chassis world. Where is Coolermaster? It would be like Ferrari suddenly announcing that they were going to produce budget boxes and stop producing sports cars.
  7. The cooling on it is supposedly better than even the Cosmos S with its 240 mm fan. That vent on the side blows cool air right onto the Video Card. It does look a little strange but it does work wonders. You are right, however, that it boils down to taste. IMO cases that sport the pricetags that we are seeing need to be Aluminum and not plastic. We pay too much for anything less. That is the most disappointing thing for me as a customer. I LOVE Coolermaster cases but I cannot continue to buy from them if they don't offer a viable All-Aluminum case. SilverStone does for a few $$ more than the Cosmos S.
  8. I found my updated Praetorian. It is the Silverstone TJ-09. That is a BEAUTIFUL case. IMO it is a better case than the Cosmos or even the Cosmos S. If Coolermaster would get back to making cases like that one, they would see their customers remain loyal.
  9. I must say that I am glad to see a black Cosmos forthcoming. I must say that the anodized aluminum does not show prints that easily and is a GREAT material for a case exterior. What Coolermaster ought to do is make a Cosmos Metal edition where for a few extra bucks you get a case with stamped metal pieces where the plastic ones are now. That is if they are opposed to the idea of bringing back the Praetorian line that shared their chassis with the Wavemaster pictured above. I love that case. I have a silver and a black one. The coolest part is the thick plank of aluminum that is the faceplace for the case. Even the door covering the front panel I/O is made of aluminum.
  10. The black Cosmos looks good. One question I still have is whether the edges of the front and top (the curved panels) are plastic. I recently purchased a 690 for a friend and was disappointed by the plastic corners.
  11. I think at least the Cosmos should be free of plastic trim (plastic visible on the outside of the case). For $180 U.S. I think that plastic should not even be considered as a material for the exterior of the case. Or if an all metal case is not forthcoming, then, at least, you need to make a BLACK Cosmos case.
  12. It is interesting that the PC case market seems to be doing the opposite of Apple with its MAC line. The Mac cheese grater has very clean lines and is well recieved by those who are Mac inclined. Lian Li makes a clean lined case but when you look at CoolerMaster and Antec there are no clean lined cases. Not since the Praetorian. It has been so much fun to mod the Praetorian because it is such a blank canvas. I have tried to keep its minimalist design intact as I have modded. When I look at the Cosmos or the 690 case I just think of what pieces I will have to remove from the chassis to build a case with clean lines. If CoolerMaster updated the Praetorian I would have my clean lined blank canvas again. I also know that many non gamers out there want a computer that is not gaudy and can fade into the background in a room. The black Praetorian could do that. I miss the old Praetorian.
  13. I know, I can't believe that there hasn't been more of an outcry at the removal of the Praetorian line. I have 2 of them myself. One silver and one black. But I wouldn't run anything newer than an X2 system in them.
  14. The product that I would like to see released is an updated Praetorian. One that takes the look of the Cooler Master Black PAC-T01-EK Praetorian. It would be awesome if it incorporated 120 mm fans instead of the 80 mm ones on that model. I am almost sad that Cooler Master is getting away from the all metal cases like the Centurion and Praetorian. The new cases have GREAT features but the facade lacks the polish that the all metal exterior provided. All the computers I have built, both professionally and for myself, have been in either a Praetorian PAC or a Centurion 5 CAC case. I just wish that I could continue to use my Praetorian with my future upgrades but I am hesitant to, when I think of the better cooling provided by cases with 120 mm fans. That is why I think that the clean looks of the old Praetorian case and bigger cooling fans would be an instant hit.