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  1. I had mine and it fits BUT not the additional back cooler
  2. clawhammer

    CM 690

    I had Thermalright IFX-14 in my CM690 and it fits tightly.
  3. As the topic says, does the IFX-14 fits completely into the casing?
  4. The CM 690 in Malaysia also have a transparent side panel which differs from those ni the US market.
  5. There's a huge price difference between both. Considering that, I suppose Cosmos should be better? I'm not sure because I have yet to own both
  6. I don't really use cases before this so in terms of airflow and its dynamics, I'm simply poor at it. I didn't change anything on the GeminII and it was mounted very well earlier with my lapped E2140.
  7. Is this any better compared to the Thermalright?
  8. The GeminII is fine but swapping from a cheap Asus casing to 690 gives me higher temp (which is the issue). It rather suprises me because after a lot of reading, a good case with good air flow is supposed to give better results especially on temps. I guess the theory is somewhat not accurate.
  9. I changed the top and rear exhaust fans to the cooler master ones and had the stronger fans on the other areas. Temps are a bit better and quieter but it's still noisier. I thought having a good case w/ good airflow would give better temps but maybe not
  10. Thakns EsaT. Does that mean I'm going to be stucked with stupid temps if I stay with the GeminII? Both casing and cooler is less than 2 weeks old and now I have to change something again? Can I use a metal plate to block air beside the GeminII to prevent the top exhaust fan to suck air immediately? Would it help?
  11. Ok guys, I need some help from air flow experts. I just got myself a Cooler Master 690 (the most expensive casing I've ever bought since I was never bothered to use a casing before this) I have GeminII installed and it looks like the photo below (that's not my rig). I have 2 x 12cm top blowing out and 1 x 12 rear blowing out, not to mention the intake fans from front and bottom. The problem is, the temp is somewhat worse than my cheap casing with side panel open. I believe the air flow is not right and congested considering the fact that the cooler is so huge and there are already 2 fans blowing through it plus those top and rear exhaust fan are simply sucking air out. I read a bit on the Internet and for cases like this, it's best to use HSF where the fan blows sideways, like IFX, Ultra 120, etc but I don't want to spend on another HSF so anyone has a remedy to the problem? This is my first Cooler Master and I hope my investment for this case wouldn't get me worse temps Who has CM690 with GeminII and care to shed some lights? [/img]