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  1. Hello all, I bought recently a new CM Nepton 240M Cooling system. While the cooler unit seems very promising. the installation guideline is pretty poor. I still struggle to correctly plug the power cable onto the motherboard fans. I have a ASUS X99 Pro motherboard with one "CPU FAN" power suply, one "CPU optional" and 4 chassis fan plugs. Now my question is how to correctly connect the power of the fans and the water pump. Is it to correct - to plug the waterpump powersupply to the normal CPU fan connector and the fans to the CPU optional or chassis fan or - vice versa, connect the Nepton fans withe the CPU fan connector and the water pump with either the CPU optional or chassis fan connector. I'd be grateful for your help. Cause I don't want to destroy this fine pice of coooling technology before I've really used it. It would be great someone could give a genaral advice on how to plug the power cables correctly to the right connectors on the motherboard. I did not find any good answer so far. Please let me know. Thanks in advance, Zig