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  1. Thank you for the assistance knud. I requested an RMA and got due to an error three tickets (00059015,00059017 and 00059018). I see no option to close two of them, so I will just wait and see what happens next.
  2. I followed this instruction to request an RMA and registered therefor the PSU. But at #6 i don't have the "RMA Request" button at my product, although the PSU is close but still under warranty.
  3. Dank je wel/thank you knud. The PSU worked perfectly fine since i bought it in the summer of 2010, unfortunatly it probably broke. Ok, i will contact CM for an RMA, I'm curious what testing they will me ask for.
  4. Hello First of all sorry for my bad english. I think my PSU Silent Pro M600 is dead, because absolutely nothing happens if I press the start button. No ventilator or HDD movement and no LEDs working. Every cable is properly attached, 20+4pin/4+4pin/power plug/case connectors/etc. Unfortunatly i have no option to test the mainboard/cpu/ram with another PSU. My Question: What happens if I request an RMA for a PSU and send it in that is actually not defect? Do I have to pay a fee or somethin like that? In the event that it is important: the shop where i buyed the PSU does no longer exist, so i have to contact CM directly. Thank you! Greetings from Vienna, Austria. Not so important: How do I change the Forum Display Name? It says in the CM fan zone "fail getting data".