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  1. Just thought I'd let you know that after speaking with you and filing a ticket, I received a complete mounting kit for the Seidon 120V in the mail today. Customer service said it would take 7-14 days, and in fact it only took 4 days, that's pretty damn good. Thanks for all your help, it is much appreciated
  2. I have created a support ticket, so hopefully they will be able to help me out soon Thanks for your help Bounty Hunter.
  3. Awesome! Thank you very much. Will it matter that I am in Germany? Or will they make sure to tell the right people?
  4. After months of messing around I am nearing completion on my build :D
  5. Hi there everyone! I am the very happy owner of a Cooler Master Nepton 240M and an NZXT Source 340, but I have need of Cooler Masters assistance regarding putting one into the other. Owing to the nature of the NZXT Source 340 there is only one location into which I can install my Nepton 240M and that is at the front of the case. Now while there is more than enough room for me to do so, I have hit a somewhat annoying snag. The thumbscrews that ship with the Nepton 240M make it impossible to put the dust filter back in place on the Source 340, something that many people here will understand is NOT something that is going to keep my PC in good working order unless I clean it every other day. I also own, as luck would have it, a Cooler Master Seidon 120V and have discovered that the screws that ship with the Seidon 120V are a perfect replacement for the Neptons thumbscrews and which allow to me to put the filter back in place. This leaves me with something of a problem though, as now I cannot sell on my Seidon 120V, something I had planned to do in order to offset the cost of upgrading to the Nepton. So my question is this: Can Cooler Master help me with a new set of the screws that normally ship with a Seidon 120V, so that I can keep using my Nepton and sell off my Seidon 120V. Without this set of screws I will have to unmount the Nepton 240M (as running a case without any kind of filter is just not acceptable) and go back to the Seidon 120V, thus leaving me with a completely useless Nepton 240M. So please, please Cooler Master, can you help me out with a set of the normal screws that ship with a Seidon 120V? Yours hopefully a dedicated Cooler Master fan!