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  1. A few weeks ago I had an issue with the Devastator mouse clicking randomly, making it impossible to use. After exchanging my CM Devastator mouse/keyboard at the store and working for a few weeks, I now have the mouse wheel scrolling problems that a lot of people have mentioned. At first, the mouse wheel would snap back while scrolling once in a while, now it hardly even scrolls down. Most of the time it doesn't scroll, but when it does the webpage/game use snaps back in the opposite direction. It's now completely impossible to use the mouse wheel. It deteriorated very quickly when the problem started happening. It even squeaks when I use the mouse wheel. I really don't know what to do at this point. I can't even return it to the store I bought it from since I've moved and no longer have the receipt.
  2. I'll just try to exchange it at the store I bought it from and go from there. Thanks.
  3. Do I RMA everything, both mouse and keyboard? Or is it just the mouse?
  4. Tried it on another PC, same issue. By the looks of the other topics it would seem these issues seem common. So do I return the devastator bundle to the store I bought it from, or do I RMA the mouse?
  5. Just got the CM storm devastator mouse/keyboard bundle and I've enjoyed it for the first hour. The mouse was working great up until I started a game of Diablo 3. When I started a game, the mouse wheel LED turned off and I started having issues with the left click button. The button gets "stuck" in the sense my character follows wherever the cursor is pointed. It was working fine while in the menus/chat. I alt tabbed and all of the text on my browser was getting highlighted. I have to click multiple times for it to stop. Am I doing something wrong with the mouse or is already starting to fail? Thanks in advance.