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  1. Hey Inferno, Thanks! It works! I didn't want to connect the fan controller because I already have a NZXT Sentry 2 fan controller so didn't think I would need this.. I would prefer not to use this fan controller but it is ok. Everything is working normally now and I am happy and will continue to choose Cooler Master PSUs for my builds
  2. Deez

    Silent Pro Gold - Avoid it or get rid of it

    I am not sure if the 600W model is similar to the Silent Pro Gold 1000W or 1200W versions but I own both and had them for like over 4 years and they've been nothing short of amazing. I've used the 1200W in my previous system to power up 4 x GTX 680 in Quad SLI setup and had my i7 3770K overclocked to 4.4ghz and it has been rock solid stable. Both the 1000W and 1200W has been in multiple systems and never had a single problem and most of my systems were like running 24/7. Right now the 1200W is serving as a backup PSU for my new i7 4790K system with 2 x GTX 980 and I recently bought a Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W which isn't working properly.... Well I am using the 1200W for now until I can get this issue resolved... Also the so called dedicated thread only has 9 posts in total and only 2 people who agree (one being you) so I am not sure just based on that information alone you could go about saying these power supplies are bad, I beg to differ.
  3. Hello, I am from Canada and purchased a Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W recently and after using it for a few weeks I noticed that the fan never turns on and my system finally ended up shutting down yesterday when I was playing SC2. Does anyone know why the fan won't start up?... I heard someone say it is normal and the fan is supposed to come on after the power supply heats up but it isn't... Thanks..