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    CM Storm Devastator Randomly Stops Responding

    No, but I'll try that now and see if it happens again.
  2. Hi, I just bought a CM Storm Devastator Keyboard/Mouse bundle for Christmas, and I really like it... except for one thing. Sometimes when I'm on the computer, the keyboard will randomly stop responding, and it's becoming a very frustrating thing to deal with. First, a sound will play, then (if the lights are on) the lights from the keyboard will start flashing on and off. If I try to use the keyboard while it's doing this, there'll be no response. The mouse, however, still works just fine when this happens, but the keyboard doesn't respond at all until the flashing ends. Another thing is that it will happen regardless of whether or not the backlight is on or not, as I've just had this happen with the lights off a few minutes ago. Some help would be greatly appreciated, I really like this keyboard and I don't want to have to get a new one.