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  1. Update: I painted my power supply and other things I took an old thermaltake case and chopped it up for my motherboard tray Next I cut a hole for the tray I painted it white Painted some Hdd's too Got it mounted Put my key start on Motherboard for the server Mounted some more items Test fitting my motherboard Mounted pump and reservoir Mounted radiator Added a second pump and connected them in parallel Added fans to the radiator Added some trim around radiator and test fitting some glass Painted the gtx 660 for the streaming pc Made a cover for the I/O Made a cover for the back and added trim Added dowels for the top cover Made a window with trim for the lower compartment Added trim around the windows The 200gb enterprise ssd for the server arrived Stained it and added the rear part for the motherboard New ssd for the main pc arrived More pics of it stained Put in the bottom pc Had an accident! Had to buy a new 4460 Had to swap the server and streaming pc because I mis-measured the PSU Started bending the tubing Added the nzxt hue More pics of tubing Mounted my hdd's and an ssd Mounted the motherboard tray Added the streaming pc motherboard Added in the main PC Added the power supply and did some wire management to the streaming pc Added a trim piece to the front of the radiator to prevent it from falling out the front (the piece came from the paneling in my house since we remodeled) Finished the loop up top I flipped the radiator around More pics of it Filled it with liquid Stained the front piece Added the handle Some almost finished pics RIP. It exploded, noob mistake. Air rises to highest point in system and since not all the air was out, this was the highest point and it since my system was on it heated up the tubing and it exploded. I had to replace the motherboard and graphics card barcause of this. Replaced the 980 I replaced the tubing with something that was familiar to me, soft tubing. Second 980 Added wheels to replace the legs Mostly finished but since I hadent had a pc in months, I used it like this for a few weeks. I finally finished it and detailed it.
  2. Update: I put the floors in and put in the front I/o I cut out the back panel so I can access my motherboard from behind and all the cables I added in the motherboard tray I got my Motherboard back from Asus and I painted the heatsinks and ram to match my build I changed the motherboard in the second pc so I could put in a gtx 660 along side my ceton infintv 4 Tomorrow I will sand down some areas of the wood and cut out for the motherboard and power supply
  3. THIS IS NO LONGER DUAL SYSTEM! IT IS TRIPLE SYSTEM This is a triple system that will feature one whole custom water cooling loop. The case is a custom wood cabinet that I am building to house everything. The color scheme is black/white/green. Specs: system 1: 5820k msi x99 sli plus Cooler master V750 GTX 980 sli 16GB kingston ram 3TB Seagate HDD 1TB Toshiba HDD 1TB WD blue HDD 250GB OCZ SSD 128gb kingston m.2 ssd system 2: 4460 z97-a 8GB Samsung RAM GTX 660 Corsair CX 750m 750gb HDD 240gb pny ssd system 3 4790k gigabyte h81 motherboard 16gb pny ram 200gb OCZ enterprise ssd 2tb hdd 1tb hdd 1tb hdd Water Cooling: EKWB for CPUand the GTX 980's Magicool 240mm rad '99 Honda Civic rad Koolance PMP 450 pump (x2) PrimoChill flex tubing xspc fittings Cabinet: Knotty Pine wood plexiglass aluminum First thing I did was make the plans for what I wanted to do Next thing I did was get all the wood together and start cutting and putting it together. Next I sanded the legs I took from a previous cabinet and painted them. Then I put them on and added a drawer. Now I cut all the holes for plexi, rads, optical drives, etc. I bought some paint and painted my waterblocks, rad, psu, optical drive, hdd, and ram. Still have some touching up to do but thats for another day.