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  1. Here are the finals of the case mod, it has finally come to a close and this is what the end product looks like! Thanks to Cooler Master for supporting me and good luck to all the other contestants of the modding comp! This is the redesign of the res area of the case. and these are the finals!
  2. So I am finally nearing the ned of this mod after so many hours and build, it is coming together! A few final pictures.
  3. And i received the cables from IceModz Looking fine as ever
  4. More Progress Cable holes cut. SSD Cover Made and Motherboard tray and shoruds made aswell.
  5. So tonight i have chucked the case outside under the night sky and here is the results
  6. So what i have been working on lately is the backplates for the 2 GTX 970's I think they look snazzy
  7. Got some of the watercooling gear pretty stoked haha cant wait to finish this thing!
  8. Excuse the cables but got some gpu backplates made, need an opinion if i should keep them red or paint them black or white.
  9. Designing the new shroud and backplate for the staker. Redesign to the loop before i buy the 100's of fittings haha lucky i made these changes.
  10. A design inspired by a snow storm. Using the Haf Staker with the extra 915r part, all painted a clear white with accents of red and black carrested into the build. Specs: Case: Cooler Master Haf Staker + Haf 915r CPU: 4790k @ 4.6 Motherboard: Asus Maximus VII Ranger GPU: (x2) Galax GTX 970 RAM: 16gb (4x4gb) White Kingston SSD: Kingston 240 ssd PSU: Silverstone Evolution Gold 1000W 2 Loops cooling CPU and GPU's all rigid Tubing (RED/WHITE) Will update overtime. Started the paint. The Scheme. Testing the components. Yes i know thats a waterblock but had a stock cooler on it when testing. Gave it the red and white scheme outside the case. Made a couple shrouds nothing big. Will be making something less intense, I want something that shows off more of the internals covers the window to much Gave it a new colour that works in better. Also a couple Fans!