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  1. I uploaded the pictures correctly today so now anyone can see all of them!
  2. Hello! This mod was created in 2014. That's my first mod ever. I've built this just for fun. So that's what I entry to the CM World Series. Let's check the components: Case: CoolerMaster Elite 335 PSU: CoolerMaster RealPower M850 Motherboard: AsRock Z77 Extreme4 CPU: i7 3770K VGA: XFX GTX 580 RAM: 4 X 4 GB G.Skill Sniper 1866 MHz HDD: WD Caviar Black 1 TB SSD: Kingston Hyperx 3K 120 GB Cooling: EKWB Supreme on processor Aquacomputer Aquagrafx on vga Laing D5 pump with EK top VW Golf 3. radiator Copper tubing My mod based on a CoolerMaster Elite 335 case. First step was to cut out the consoles of the 3.5†drive bays to get place for the water pump. After that the full house got matt black painting. Than I took apart the front panel, the wires got sleeved and the led indicators were changed from factory blue to orange. It also got 2 bores for 2 potentiometers (left is the speed control of the pump, right adjusts the intensity of led lighting). When I finished I gave it to my friend who is something like an artist. As you can see he made the CM logo rusty and painted the house this Stalker style, thanks a lot for him! I made a plastic side cover by a plastic specialist factory. They look great together with the case. Also 3 Coolink Swif ventilators and an SLI bridge were modded to the style of the case. I have a stock CM M850 PSU let’s mod that bad guy : ) Fist take him apart and change the factory green and blue vga connectors to black ones. After that as you can see I used black and yellow sleeves but for better contrast I soldered out the factory cables and replaced them with orange ones and then they got the yellow sleeves. I cut the sleeved cables to the correct length. I made some other cables: an 8 and a 6 pin vga and 3 sata (odd, hdd, ssd) cables. The house of the power supply got copper paint job. I bought some nice bolts for better look. Let’s see the water cooling system. I have an EKWB supreme on the processor, a full cover Aquacomputer Aquagrafx copper block on the GTX 580 and a Laing D5 pump. My first plan was an SLI system but one of my vgas went wrong so now I have only one. I wanted to have a really big radiator because of passive cooling. So I bought a VW Golf 3 radiator. I bought 12 mm copper tubes and fittings. I put all the parts in the house. After measuring I cut the tubes and soldered them all together. I had to make 2 holes on the painted side panel to connect the radiator with the cooling system. The radiator got a filling and a leaking hole at the top and bottom. the upper one has a small bore because of pressure. The non copper part of the vga block got matt black painting. The radiator got copper paint job and 2 legs so it stands next to the house. Finally I finished and it looks pretty awsome : )