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  1. Hey, I assembled the first parts. First I installed the CPU and the RAM. For test purpose I also installed my Cooler Master Neptun 240m. I´ll replace that later on !! Also I hooked up the SSD´s and set up the Raid Array. My case should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday so I can finally start modding it. Planing on doing a custom side-window and certainly a PSU- Cover.
  2. Okay everybody, I´m finally able to work on my rig! The specs are: · Aerocool Xpredator Evil Black Edition · Corsair ax 860i PSU · G Skill Ripjaws 2400 cl15 · Gigabyte GA-X99-SOC Force · Asus GTX 970 Strix Direct CU II · 2x Samsung 850 Pro SSD 250 GB Raid 0 · Intel Core i7- 5820K · Custom Sleeving · Custom Watercooling A few part allready arrived