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  1. mega scott thats one amazing mod man would love to know how you did the s in the front u deserve all u get good luck
  2. THANKS for suporting my custom build of a jet and i wish you all luck in your future and current builds
  3. working on the base design ready soon
  4. this is another build log brought to you by lachiejtechtips with a beast x99 build going inside this awesome desk photos will come soon...
  5. nearly finished the jet now wired up the lights and added the carbon fiber decals looking really nice now. some feedback would be nice.
  6. painted the jet today. looks really good working on landing gear now and some carbon fiber stripes two coming together slowly now
  7. done a little work on the body today, cleaned up the body and have given it a coat of paint. any ideas on colors or patterns. still undicided
  8. Will have more work on the jet in following days waiting on parts will keep everyone updated
  9. thanks man. Saddly it isn't something from deathrace but what an awesome idea thanks for the support it does have a small inclusion in to the jet though also some also some sick movies good luck with your own entry and thanks for checking this out
  10. hi everyone u may ask what the raptor is, well its a jet! to be exact it is the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor i will be building an mITX system in the raptor. i hope u choose to follow me through this build and enjoy what i produce and thanks for checking it out stay tuned for more the specs are below. ASUS H97I-PLUS Motherboard Intel Pentium Anniversary Edition G3258 MSI Radeon R9 270 Gaming 2GB Kingston Hyper X Fury HX318C10FWK2/8 8GB (2x4GB) White Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB SSD Cooler Master Thunder 500W coolermaster GeminII M4 cpu cooler (will be updated with a water cooling loop)