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    Wavemaster Audio Problem

  2. ifly61ce

    Wavemaster Audio Problem

    Bump, Any one looking into our problem?
  3. ifly61ce

    Wavemaster Audio Problem

    I too am having audio problems hooking up the Top Panel audio. I have an ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard It says it is a 10-1 pin FP_Audio connector. The Front panel pins are as follows; Top Row Left to Right: AGND, +5VA, BLINE_OUT_R, EMPTY, BLINE_OUT_L Bottom Row left to Right: MIC2, MICPWR, Line out_R, NC, Line out_L Pins BLINE_OUT_R nad Line out_R are shorted with a jumper, along with BlINE_OUT_L and Line out_L The manual says Remove Jumpers only when you are connecting the front Panel Cable Any idea how to hook this up? My main concern is the Mic connection. Mark
  4. ifly61ce

    Power supply help

    I agree with Grump, he mentioned PC Power and cooling. That is what I have, actually this is my second PSU from PC Power and Cooling. An ATX 510, they rate there power as Sustained power not MAX power like many others, plus there power is very stable. the 510 will actually put out like 650 Max. It is Pricey but why skimp in the Power that is running your whole system. Mark